Wayne Rawl, president of WP Rawl, holds a bag of greens processed at the company's new value-added line at its Bunnell, Fla., facility. ( Courtesy WP Rawl )

WP Rawl, Pelion, S.C., is processing value-added products with a new line at its Bunnell, Fla., plant.

The company began processing the value-added products this month at the Florida facility, according to a new release, responding to increased consumer demand.

“Processing in Florida is scheduled to run from now until the first week in January,” Ashley Rawl, vice president of sales, marketing and product development, said in the release. “Our ultimate goal would be to make processing continue in Florida year-round. We are excited about the benefits of growing, harvesting, processing and shipping within the same state.”

WP Rawl broke ground on the 34,000-square-foot facility in 2013, and increased acreage in 2017.

The company kicked off holiday season preparations to respond to increased demand.

The new line, built by using 75% existing equipment that had been used at the Pelion plant, will “support current production capacities as well as offset growing demands for fresh leafy greens this holiday season,” according to the release.

The added capacity allows for more flexibility with customer wishes, according to the release.

Southeast regional customers could see a reduction in food  miles for delivered product, according to the release.

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