Yerecic Label received honors for a lettuce package label it designed at the 38th Annual Tag and Label Manufacturer"s Institute Awards Competition.

The company was also was awarded an Environmental Leadership Certificate during the annual TLMI conference in October, according to a news release.

New Kensington, Pa.-based Yerecic Label was presented with first place for Excellence in Technical Achievements in the printing of Great Lakes Grower"s Living Butter Lettuce label.

Yerecic  also received an Environmental Leadership Certificate for the Documentation of Relevant and Replicable Sustainability Practices.

"The judges for the 2015 Environmental Awards have added an additional award for supplier and converter applicants that recognize their exemplary commitments to TLMI"s sustainability initiatives for waste reduction, tangible and replicable practices, and unique sustainability initiatives," said Calvin Frost, TLMI environmental chairman, in the release.

Frost cited Yerecic Label"s environmental achievements such as diverting 99.4% of waste away from landfills and eliminating more than 1,000 gallons of hazardous waste.

The 2015 Environmental Leadership Certificate follows Yerecic Label"s 2014 TLMI Environmental Leadership Award, the top environmental award recognized by the TLMI committee, the release said.

"We are honored to be recognized by TLMI for these achievements," said Art Yerecic, president, in the release. "Product innovations such as BackFlip! and LabelBling! allow us to bring exceptionally striking designs to our customers, while the Yerecic Label family"s dedication to helping the environment keep us sustainability focused."