ORLANDO, Fla. A new tamper-evident seal from Yerecic Label combines multiple benefits for fresh produce applications.

"We believe this is the first wrap-type seal in the produce industry," said Kristin Yerecic, marketing manager for the New Kensington, Pa.-based company, on Feb. 27 at the Southeast Produce Council"s Southern Exposure convention. "I"ve seen cardboard-type sleeves, but not something like this in the market."

The product, called Yerecic"s Safety Reseal label, was originally designed for grapes, but Yerecic said she is receiving interest from companies wanting to use the product for other produce commodities packed in clamshells.

The company has moved quickly in developing the product, beginning testing for it in December and officially launching it March 2.

Yerecic said the label"s construction keeps clamshells sealed until a consumers open them, ensuring product safety through tamper-evident features.

Consumers can reseal packages to maintain freshness while receiving brand information on both sides of the printable labels.

"The back-printing is a huge benefit because it allows for more opportunities for consumer education, and the tamper-evident feature is great for safety and peace of mind. Plus, the tamper-evident perforations are so easily removable," Yerecic said.