What do the thousands of folks in the produce industry share?

For one thing, they share a type of common industry identity, earned through countless hours on the job, common grievances,  small victories, inside knowledge and dozens of shared industry events.

I recently asked a question of the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Safety/Traceability Group, 

Fill in the blank..

You might be a food safety professional in the produce industry if....

Here are a few responses:

DT: You spend any time talking about certification bodies and auditor consistency.

PH: If you know and understand the rules, practical application, economy, pros & cons, effective risk prevention and mitigation of possible contamination of the produce.

PB:  You remove the blinker and totally understand what risks are surrounding your products and how root cause analysis can fix these risks.

MB: You have industry relevant experience, technical knowledge based on risk and understand the key customer requirements.



The discussion thread brings to mind the earlier thread,  from six years ago at the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group:

Finish this sentence: You know you are in the produce industry if....

That has a whopping 77 comments to it. And growing, I hope.

Here are a few: 

BJ: When you straighten up the wet rack or shelf as you shop.

CD: When the price of gas goes up and the first thing you worry about is how it’s going to effect your freight rates rather than the effect on your personal budget.

RH: When on road trips with friends and family you point out the various crops to the point no one but you actually cares....


Keep them coming...