( Photos courtesy Young Guns Inc. )

Young Guns Inc. is launcing a new label called Hatch Valley Sweet Onions, said Chris Franzoy, CEO and president of the company. 

New Mexico’s Hatch Valley is famous for its green chili peppers, and the label carries weight with consumers all over the U.S., Franzoy said. 

The Hatch Valley Sweet Onion, available from mid-June through August, will be sold in a high-graphic 40-pound retail box that is expected to merchandise well, he said. 

“We can support retail (promotions) all the way through,” he said.  “We encourage retailers to promote that item.” 

The company will also offer whites and reds. Billy the Kid Produce LLC, Deming, N.M., is the family’s partner company.

The company will offer volume through the middle part of August, at which point supplies will begin to dwindle, he said. 

Overall shipments from about 650 acres could total about 1 million bags this year, with yellows representing about 70% of the onion crop. 

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