( Courtesy Zespri )

Zespri’s kiwifruit season is starting early in May, and messages to consumers are focusing on the nutritional benefit and flavor of the SunGold variety.

The campaign is reinforcing sell-through with a digital campaign including social media, e-mails, coupons online videos and display ads, according to a news release. The “Let Your Taste Wander” campaign, introduced last year, will resume.

“Consumers enjoy the excitement of the promotional offers and the eye-catching graphics and animation,” Sarah Deaton, Zespri’s shopper marketing manager, said in the release. “Consumers in our test market enjoyed the sense of escape the campaign offers during these trying times.”

SunGold sales have risen 112% in dollar sales over the past two years, and that growth is expected to continue this season, according to surveys from retailers and consumers.

SunGold kiwifruit have a new custom 1-pound clamshells, which will interest consumers as packaged produce sees a bump in sales because of the COVID-19 crisis. 
Organic SunGold will be available starting in mid-May, according to the release, followed by green kiwifruit at the end of May.

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