JR Simplot Acquires Gene Editing License

Aug 06, 2018 by Associated Press
J.R. Simplot Company on Monday announced a licensing agreement with DowDuPont Inc., MIT & Harvard, developers of the nascent gene editing technology. Simplot is the first agricultural company to receive such a license.

CPMA speaker says shift from No GMO to Know GMO

May 02, 2018 by Tom Karst
VANCOUVER — Arguing for the need to shift the consumer conversation from “No GMO” to “Know GMO,” author and agriculture advocate Rob Saik said the ability for agriculture to feed the world may be at stake.

Biotech’s health food

Dec 15, 2017 by Joe Guenthner
“Scientific studies have overwhelmingly demonstrated that foods obtained from GE (genetically engineered) crops are as safe and nutritious as foods obtained from conventional crops.”

Scout The Tech Horizon

Nov 25, 2017 by Nate Birt
A 2014 Top Producer of the Year honoree, producer Jay Myers is continuously seeking out new equipment and technology to improve operational efficiency.