Event Date

The California Certified Organic Farmers's annual meeting will take place Feb. 22-23 in Sacramento. 

From the event organizers:

Organic Hotspots: Revitalizing Rural America

Join us in Sacramento on February 22-23, 2018 to explore the factors that have made California a hotbed of organic hotspots activity and discuss ways to encourage the growth of organic hotspots across rural America. We will hear the stories of organic leaders who have contributed to economic revitalization through organic in rural areas, and from those who have seen the impacts first-hand on their businesses and communities.

Celebrate this year’s Organic Champion Awardee Melody Meyer with us at our annual CCOF Foundation Feast on February 22. As one of its very first supporters, Meyer has been an unwavering champion of CCOF’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund, providing unparalleled commitment as a member of the fund’s advisory committee, as well as generous financial contributions to the fund.

The tradition of our annual educational conference is treasured as a yearly opportunity for the organic community to network, share resources, and learn how to grow your businesses.