The future of retail

Jul 17, 2020 by Bruce Peterson
No one would argue that events over the past 6 months are going to have a profound and lasting effect on the future of retailing in general and produce specifically.


Aug 08, 2019 by Bruce Peterson
When I think back on the changes I’ve seen in the retail produce business, it blows my mind that I’ve been in the business for 48 years! And if you’re around anything that long, you’re bound to see things evolve.

Learn a lesson (or two) from Aldi

Oct 08, 2018 by Bruce Peterson
Aldi is a company that I have always been fascinated by; with over 1,800 locations in 35 states, it has a revenue projection by retail analysts just north of $11 billion in 2018, yet they largely fly under the radar.

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