Lessons from Lucky's

Feb 21, 2020 by Ashley Nickle
To understand what a great company culture looks like, scroll through LinkedIn and see what Lucky’s Market employees were saying in the wake of the news that the grocer planned to close 80% of its stores.

What do produce customers really want?

Feb 15, 2020 by Armand Lobato
As produce retailers, we know what we want to sell to our customers. But what do you suppose they want when they carry their daily basket or steer their weekly shopping cart into the produce aisle?

Personal relationships are everything

Feb 14, 2020 by Alex DiNovo
The produce industry is full of interesting, colorful and amazing people whose livelihoods are in one way or another tied to feeding the world nourishing and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Friendly competition is key

Jan 31, 2020 by Brent Erenwert
As the industry enters 2020, I am a bit concerned about the state of it. We continue to see many outside factors continually eating away at the margins — issues such as recalls, labor, technology and sustainability.