Going the extra mile with food safety

May 03, 2019 by Ashley Nickle
SAN ANTONIO — Martin Wiedmann, a food safety professor at Cornell University, delivered a stern message to the industry in a recent tradeshow address: Your food safety efforts may very well be insufficient.

Rusty Blade versus the new retailer

Apr 10, 2019 by Armand Lobato
I was doing some spring cleaning when Russ T. Blade emerged from behind some folders. “Rusty,” as readers know is the miniature imaginary produce manager who occasionally drops in to talk shop.

FPAA's tomato suspension agreement confusion

Apr 05, 2019 by Michael Schadler
Groups such as the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas and the Border Trade Alliance continue to make misleading statements about the U.S.-Mexico Tomato Suspension Agreement in an apparent attempt to muddy the waters and stoke fear among other agricultural sectors in the U.S.