How well are you managing risk?

Mar 01, 2019 by Doug Grant
An important senior management responsibility involves assessing potential threats to an organization, identifying areas of concern and developing mitigation plans.

Major Ed commends watermelon industry

Mar 01, 2019 by Chris Koger
WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — National Watermelon Association Committee executive director Bob Morrissey refers to its members as family and friends, and the annual conference is its family reunion.

How to avoid expo burnout

Feb 19, 2019 by Amy Sowder
After seeing in three short months the busy pace that produce industry professionals keep up — especially at the expos and conferences — it’s no wonder that there’s a high risk for burnout, no matter who you are.

Winning the information game

Feb 04, 2019 by Mike Mauti
You sit down to negotiate with your trading partner, perhaps to finalize a new annual contract or maybe just a weekly ad opportunity, and you think to yourself, “I’m as prepared as I’m ever going to be.”