How's your food safety focus?

Jun 28, 2019 by Ashley Nickle
The Center for Produce Safety recently had its 10th symposium, so this is a timely question: Is your company investing enough time, money and other resources in food safety?

Women helping women

Jun 24, 2019 by Amy Sowder
What can produce women, whatever their positions may be, do now to help make it better for the next generation of women rising up?

People still matter

Jun 21, 2019 by Tim York
I remember sitting around the sales desk in the afternoon as we were reflecting on the day, and hearing “old-timers” talking about “how it used to be.” Now, I think I am one of them.

Salt on the watermelon

Jun 14, 2019 by Amelia Freidline
A couple of weeks ago, somebody in a Facebook group I’m part of shared an article on the proper (and Southern) way to eat watermelon — with salt.

Focus on the phone

May 31, 2019 by Ashley Nickle
How does the average shopper experience your brand on her phone? That question should be a guide for your marketing efforts in the coming years.

People, planet, profit — in action

May 24, 2019 by Tim York
Definitions of sustainability are in no short order, and while there is not a universal definition, many in agriculture see sustainability as achieving triple bottom line benefits to people, planet and profit.