Hass sales hit record for Cinco de Mayo

Aug 29, 2017 by Chris Koger
The Hass Avocado Board’s research into consumption trends continues to show the importance of promoting the fruit for events and holidays, with Cinco de Mayo setting a retail sales record this year.

Wal-Mart tightens delivery guidelines

Jul 28, 2017 by Ashley Nickle
Wal-Mart is phasing in more stringent requirements on suppliers, including those that ship fresh fruits and vegetables, in an effort to increase the frequency of on-time and in-full deliveries.

L.A. retail changes continue

Jul 27, 2017 by The Packer
Big changes likely are in store for the Southern California retail scene, but as of yet, no one knows for sure how extensive those changes will be or what impact they'll have.

Apeel scaling up production of Edipeel

Jul 25, 2017 by The Packer
With its patented shelf life-extending coating Edipeel approved for organic and conventional produce, Apeel Sciences is marketing to commercial shippers in the U.S. and small growers in developing countries.