Celery market strength could endure

Apr 11, 2019 by Tom Karst
Fed by a consumer juicing craze, prices for fresh celery have soared to historic highs close to $70 per carton and could remain strong for weeks — perhaps months. 

FPAA's tomato suspension agreement confusion

Apr 05, 2019 by Michael Schadler
Groups such as the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas and the Border Trade Alliance continue to make misleading statements about the U.S.-Mexico Tomato Suspension Agreement in an apparent attempt to muddy the waters and stoke fear among other agricultural sectors in the U.S.

Greenhouse growth cools

Apr 03, 2019 by Amy Sowder
Better protected from the unpredictability of weather, outdoor pests and contamination, indoor growing of all kinds offers more reliability and consistency that means it’s a category to last, say proponents.