Brighter Bites and 99 Cents Only Stores have teamed up for a produce coupon program. ( Brighter Bites; 99 Cents Only Stores )

Produce-focused nonprofit Brighter Bites has partnered with 99 Cents Only Stores on a produce coupon program to help families in need in Mesquite, Texas.

The program is designed to ensure the 700-plus families enrolled in Brighter Bites through area elementary schools have access to fresh produce, according to a news release. Families will receive four $25 coupons, each valid for a two-week period. They can be used for produce at four 99 Cents Only locations in the area.

“We have been following the great work of Brighter Bites for years and are impressed with its ability to distribute produce quickly to children and their families,” Bruce Levine, chief merchandising officer of 99 Cents Only, said in a news release. “We are delighted to participate in this program and to support families in need during these challenging times and in the months ahead.”

The 99 Cents Only locations involved in the program are in Mesquite, Garland (two stores) and Dallas.

“Our families need healthy food now more than ever,” Julie Macpherson, the Dallas program director for Brighter Bites, said in the release. “In addition to our Mesquite ISD school distributions, Brighter Bites will also provide fruits and vegetables to our families through this coupon program. This partnership will give families even more access to fresh food, and we are grateful for 99 Cents Only’s support.”

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