( Courtesy Brighter Bites )

Chelan Fresh, Chelan, will be supplying fresh apples to 7,000 Texas students and families through a Brighter Bites partnership.

The non-profit Brighter Bites provides fresh fruits and vegetables to students and their families in underserved communities. Chelan Fresh plans to provide Rockit apples to students in Austin and Dallas through May, according to a news release. The company began the donations in Denver, and has made a financial donation to Brighter Bites. 

“At Chelan Fresh we have observed an encouraging dynamic of kids naturally gravitating toward healthier snacking options when they are made available,” Mac Riggan, Chelan Fresh director of marketing, said in the release.

Jennifer Boone, Brighter Bites sourcing manager, said each family receives 2- to 3-pounds of apples.

“Children are eating them as soon as their parents pick up their produce bags,” Boone said in the release. “The apples are a hit. We’re creating a love for fresh produce in children – what could be better.”

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