( Courtesy Clear Labs )

Clear Labs, Menlo Park, Calif., has new listeria testing and environmental mapping capabilities on its Clear Safety platform, a rapid detection method that reduces the time needed to pinpoint sources of contamination.

The food safety testing platform has a three-in-one solution for detecting listeria, monitoring it over time, and revealing its persistence on a facility map. Those steps allows users to hone in on the nature and source of contamination quickly, according to a news release.

In doing so, Clear Safety cuts the need for companies to maintain multiple instruments, train additional employees or use another third-party secondary analysis, according to the news release.

“By connecting listeria screening, subtyping, persistence monitoring, and mapping software into one unified platform, Clear Safety reduces the time from sample to answer and dramatically curtails operational inefficiencies related to contamination incidents,” Sasan Amini, Clear Labs’ CEO, said in the release.

The platform catalogs genetic fingerprints of each listeria sample from a facility and compares them, and an analysis can group them, noting location, date and time. Environmental mapping overlays the results on a facility map, showing the flow of listeria over time.

“With Clear Safety, QA managers can visualize their results on any number of maps they have created and filter for key data they are interested in,” Ramin Khaksar, vice president of research and development, said in the release. “For the first time, QA managers can truly understand the dynamics of listeria contamination in their food-manufacturing environment.”