Cornucopia Farms' first phase of what will eventually become a 15-acre facility, will be producing lettuce and herbs in October. ( Courtesy Cornucopia Farms )

Cornucopia Farms, Marietta, Ga., is completing its first hydroponic greenhouse, with production of lettuce and herbs starting in October.

The 56,000-square-foot facility in Avera, Ga., about two hours east of Atlanta, will grow lettuces, including romaine, bibb and red and green leaf, according to a news release.

Expansion plans have already been set, growing to 112,000 square feet in the first quarter of 2021. Cornucopia Farms will eventually grow to 660,000 square feet at the location, a total of 15 acres. Projections put production at 12 million heads of lettuce and two million pounds of culinary herbs a year.

Cornucopia Farms has discussed its plans with retailers and product distributors, receiving “very enthusiastic feedback,” according to the release.
“We are very excited to begin operations here in central Georgia, both to bring fresh, local and organic produce to consumers, and to provide much-needed jobs to distressed rural areas in our state,” CEO William Rodriguez said in the release.

The system used in the greenhouse is from NGS (New Growing System), a Spanish company, and funding for the initial construction was provided by private investors and the Enhanced Capital Georgia Rural Fund, according to the release.

Cornucopia Farms plans to build and operate hydroponic greenhouses elsewhere in Georgia and other southeastern states, according to the release.