( Courtesy BrightFarms )

Hydroponic greenhouse grower BrightFarms has partnered with Crosset Co., Independence, Ky., to distribute its products to more than 100 independent retailers in the Midwest.

Most of the new retail outlets are in Ohio; the company’s newest growing operation is in Wilmington, Ohio. Retailers in Ohio will be supplied with the “core portfolio of baby greens” grown there, according to  a news release.

Paul Lightfoot, BrightFarms’ CEO, said the partnership with Crosset Co. helps the grower gain access to the important independent retail market.

“As we’ve expanded across the country, we’ve been energized by the growth potential of working with the independent market, which serves a large demographic of consumers that care about transparency in food,” Lightfoot said in the release.

Greg Kurkjian, Crosset Co. vice president and general manager, said the BrightFarms salads will help the retailers differentiate their stores, while offering locally/organically grown products.

“Our long-standing relationships with the with customers in our service area, coupled with our supply chain, logistics, and merchandising solutions, align perfectly with BrightFarms’ growth initiative,” Kurkjian said in the release.

Retailers supplied by Crosset Co. include:

  • Dorothy Lane Markets
  • Walt Churchills Markets
  • Krieger’s Health Foods Markets