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The Equitable Food Initiative is looking back on successes of 2018, including two new certified growers, new website and awards for an updated logo and a video series.

In the past year, participating growers improved employee recruitment with initiatives to improve working conditions, offered educational opportunities and developed collaborative work processes, according to a news release.

“Our mission is to bring together growers, farm workers, retailers and consumers to transform agriculture and improve the lives of farm workers,” LeAnne Ruzzamenti, director of marketing and communications for EFI, said in the release. “So, when we get feedback from growers that our certification program is making a difference in not just improving their business but also improving the lives of farm workers, we know we’re on track in achieving our mission, and that’s more valuable than awards.”

Twenty grower-shippers representing 39 commodities are using the EFI Leadership Team Model with more than 30,000 farm workers, according to the release. Participating retailers have paid almost $6 million in bonuses to farm workers through the EFI premium program.

“When we look back on 2018 we have a lot to celebrate,” Ruzzamenti said in the release. “Thanks to our dedicated partners we are proving we can help the produce industry unleash the potential and skills of farm workers.”

Submitted by Silvia Lopez on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 13:31

I cannot believe that this EFI organization is still trying to fool the public and people to think that they care about farmworkers. This is the most deceiving brand ever. I guess the UFW needs to find a way to make money and become somewhat relevant again. This might be their way of doing so, as EFI is just another front for the UFW to lie to the public and make money from hardworking farmworkers.