The Food and Drug Administration has disbanded the Food Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the agency on food safety, nutrition and other issues.

The committee, established in 1992, has met only a handful of time in recent years, the last being December 2015, according to a news release. The FDA cited the lack of activity as the reason for the change. The FDA will instead seek input on relevant issues from the FDA Science Board and other agency groups.

The FDA Foods and Veterinary Medicine Program is already seeking input from the science board for a 2018 review of research priorities and updated applications of whole genome sequencing technologies for food safety, according to the release.

The Risk Communication Advisory Committee is also addressing best practices on communicating with consumers about “unavoidable contaminants” in the food supply, according to the release.

At the Food Advisory Committee’s last meeting, members addressed a longstanding issue with FDA’s zero tolerance rule on listeria found on food contact surfaces, which had the unintended effect of discouraging companies from testing those surfaces. Based on advice from the committee and other sources, the FDA announced it would change guidelines.