( Hazel Technologies )

Chicago-based Hazel Technologies Inc. is launching a new product for apples in storage.

Called Hazel CA (controlled atmosphere), the technology helps protect quality of fruit in cold storage, according to a news release.

Patrick Flynn, chief marketing officer for Hazel Technologies, said the technology looks like a compact cylinder, which is placed in the CA room by the packer.

“The technology can be used with or without conventional CA, although we do not view it necessarily as a direct replacement,” he said Aug 13. 
About 30 apple packers have piloted the technology, he said.

“We have been able to demonstrate an extremely compelling return on investment for customers,” he said.”The reason is that most technologies similar to this require a technician present from the technology provider which increases the cost for the packer, whereas this technology allows self-application by the customer which substantially reduces overhead costs.”

Hazel CA works by controlling the respiration rate and ethylene production of apples in cold storage.

“Hazel CA is one of multiple new technology offerings we will be launching for our customers in the apple category this year,” Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies, said in the release. 

In commercial trials last season, the technology showed promising results, according to the release.

“Our quality control and pack-out data from long-term storage rooms following the use of Hazel CA was impressive last season,” Milt Fuehrer, CEO of Belding, Mich.,-based Belleharvest Sales, said in the release. “At Belleharvest we have a track record of embracing innovations such as Hazel CA in order to provide the highest quality product to our customers and the end consumer.”

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