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In what ways will the fresh produce industry be changed permanently by COVID-19?

That’s the question I recently posed to the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group.

Answers so far included themes like more packaging at retail, increased sanitation throughout the store, emphasis on safe food, new wrinkles on logistic solutions (passenger planes used as cargo planes), increased demand for organic and local, more packaging tailored for online selling,  continued awareness of sustainability and enhanced attention to sanitation during transport.

More than 20 have commented so far, so it is worth your while to check out the thread and add your opinion.

My thoughts on the matter come in the form of a question; will COVID-19 reset the industry to an earlier time? Less global trade,  more local sourcing,  less travel to industry meetings? I think some of the effects will be temporary, so I’m not sure what will stick, other than the growth of online grocery.

Check out a comparison of this year’s price and movement of fruits and vegetables, compared with a year ago. Information compiled from USDA.


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Submitted by William Geller on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 06:52

I expect much more use of sanitizers on trailers and thru refrigeration units.

In bagged salads I have seen Smart Wash solutions is working on a new formula called "Smart Wash Boost"

Plenty of time and money will be spent on tracing and disinfecting