( Courtesy Global Cooling Inc. )

Global Cooling Inc. is marketing its Jet-Ready Precoolers as a solution for keeping the cold chain for berries and cherries intact.

“Small diameter and fairly expensive fresh produce, especially berries, can deteriorate very quickly if the cold chain breaks down or is delayed,” Jim Sill, founder and president of Global Cooling, said in a news release. “At some times, the retail price of blueberries is almost $15 a pound.”

That makes a trailer load — even a pallet — a costly loss.

Jet-Ready Precoolers deliver about 35,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow, according to the release. Berry pallets weight about 1,000 pounds, so with 10 pallets, the fruit is getting about 3.5 cfm.

“That is an awful lot of airflow, enough to precool fully from field temperature in about an hour, provided that the packhouse has enough refrigeration capacity to keep pace,” Sill said in the release.

Some Jet-Ready Precoolers customers have reported the machines cut cooling times by two-thirds, according to the release.

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