Martori Farms is promoting melons for healthful New Year's resolutions. ( Courtesy Martori Farms )

As a family-owned farm that grows more than 100 million melons a year, Martori Farms, Aguila, Ariz., has a varietal mix that can meet retailers’ needs for any season.

The company is turning its attention to possibilities for New Year promotions as consumers make resolutions concerning health, nutrition and better diets, according to a news release.

The company lists options from a full range of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, specialties and branded melons that include the Kandy Lemon Drop Melon and Golden Honeydew.

The Lemon Drop, a Galia-type melon, has pale green fruit with a lemon tartness and flavor similar to honeydew with a “citrus finish,” according to the release.

Martori Farms also has a substantial organic program, and can grow organic versions of almost all conventionally-grown varieties, according to the release.