( Courtesy T&G Global )

New Zealand exporter T&G Global Ltd. is reporting the country’s weather is setting the stage for a favorable apple season.

Orchards in Hawke’s Bay, Nelson and Otago for harvest, and T&G expects to pack a total of about seven million cartons, according to a news release, including Jazz and Envy varieties.

The New Zealand apple industry is expecting another bumper crop, and projected exported apple crop value is expected to hit $1 billion by 2020.

The apples are looking good in terms of color, texture, eating quality and flavor, Peter Landon-Lane, T&G chief operating officer, said in the release.

Spring was rainy in Hawke’s Bay, higher summer temperatures moderated by recent cooler nights have helped fruit size, according to the release. Low rainfall amounts in Nelson translates to an earlier harvest start.

“The harvest is in full swing this month including several orchards we have invested in over the last few years to ensure we will continue to meet global demand for our apples,” Landon-Lane said in the release.

The company’s apples have traditionally been sold to the United Kingdom and U.S., but Asia and the Middle East are growing in sales, with half of T&G exports going to those markets, according to the release.