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Public health departments in Northeastern states are warning consumers of an outbreak of Cyclospora infections, and although there’s no source identified, imported produce is a common cause of the infections.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, where more than 100 cyclospora cases have been reported since May 1, is advising consumers to wash fruits and vegetables, and has issued steps on how to prepare fresh produce.

Public health departments in Massachusetts, Virginia and other states are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration to find a source, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. 

According to a July 23 Virginia Department of Public Health news release, the state has seen 15 cyclosporiasis cases in northern Virginia since mid-June, with more than 40 other cases of cases of gastrointestinal illnesses “from two large businesses” in the area. The department is not releasing the names of those businesses, or whether they are retail or foodservice operators.

"Most Cyclospora cases this year have occurred in greater Boston, but infections have been reported in residents across the Commonwealth,” according to the Massachusetts department release. “Other states have also reported increases in the number of cyclosporiasis cases; the cause of the outbreak is not yet known.”

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