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Ocean Spray cranberries will have new packaging this season, with berries shipping around the last week of September.

The Oppenheimer Group, exclusive marketer of the Ocean Spray branded fresh cranberries, will be shipping the cranberries around the start of autumn, Sept 23.

“Ocean Spray is a farmer-owned cooperative, and grows cranberries in several North American regions, which have all experienced a good growing season, setting the stage for high quality cranberries on holiday tables this year,” Tony Illiano, Oppy’s cranberry category manager, said in a news release.

Wisconsin growers have increased production of hybrids HyReds and Scarlet Knight, which reach peak color by mid-September, according to the release. Fruit from the U.S. and Canadian East Coasts strong volumes this season. The Pacific Northwest crop, which had record production last season, will have less fruit, but good quality, according to the release.

Ocean Spray’s organic production is increasing, according to the release.

“Between produce and center store, Ocean Spray can have up to 52 facings at any given time,” Brett Libke, Oppy’s senior vice president, said in the release. ”That’s a really powerful brand proposition, which we’ve grown together in produce, starting with cranberries over a decade and a half ago and adding a strong berry and citrus program.”

Ocean Spray cranberries will be packed in newly-designed 12-ounce bags, in free-standing display units.

Last season, retailers saw a 78% year-over-year sales lift with the Ocean Spray bins, and a 147% increase in dollar velocity, according to the release.

“The new graphics will continue drive awareness of Ocean Spray’s heritage as a farmer-owned cooperative since 1930 while also showcasing the versatility of usage occasions for fresh cranberries through recipes,” Eric Sinsigalli, sales director at Ocean Spray, said in the release.

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