Produce fills most of the slots on Nielsen’s annual list of the 10 top-selling fresh organic categories.

Packaged salad was the big winner by a landslide, with $898 million in sales through the 52 weeks ending October 28.

“While the increase (from 2016) was less than 2%, the incremental gain represents more than $16 million in total sales,” Nielsen noted in its report.

Berries came in second with $565 million in revenue, a sizable increase. The total is 23% higher than the 2016 total of $459 million.

Apples commanded $288 million, a slight dip from $291 million last year. The later apple harvest in 2017 compared to recent years is likely a factor.

Carrots captured $255 million, up from $246 million, and bananas jumped 19% to $221 million from $185 million.

Value-added vegetables added $175 million, up from $164 million, and lettuce contributed $168 million, up from $164 million.

Nielsen attributed the growth in fresh organic categories to consumers seeking “healthy and clean” food options.

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