The Wonderful Co.'s Stewart Resnick (left), accepts The Packer award from Tom Karst, editor of The Packer. ( The Packer Staff )

ORLANDO,  Fla. — Lynda and Stewart Resnick of the Wonderful Co. are winners of the The Packer’s 2018 Produce Marketer of the Year award.

The Packer’s Editor Tom Karst presented the award Oct. 19 on the Fresh Summit show floor.

Lynda Resnick is vice-chair and co-owner, and Stewart Resnick is chairman and president.

Stewart Resnick was on hand to receive the award, and sent his wife’s regrets about being unable to attend.

“It is a great industry and we are very proud and happy to get this award,” Resnick said, adding that his wife is the one who most deserves the award because her focus on the marketing side of the business.

Karst said The Wonderful Co. has helped to rewrite the brand marketing playbook for produce companies.

According to recent IRI/Boston Consulting Group data, The Wonderful Co. is now the leader among all multibillion-dollar consumer packaged goods companies, as well as No. 1 in produce. Nielsen data shows that 71% of total produce dollar growth over the past five years has come from Wonderful brands.

Halos account for about 52% of the mandarin category, according to recent IRI data.

The company’s iconic brands also include Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Almonds, pomegranate juice POM Wonderful, Fiji Water, Justin and Landmark Wines and Teleflora.

The Wonderful Company’s holdings make it America’s largest citrus grower, the world’s largest grower of tree nuts and world’s largest Flower Delivery Service.

The success of the company reflects the Resnick’s combined marketing savvy and commitment to inspiring healthier choices, Karst said.

Lynda Resnick runs worldwide marketing and product development for The Wonderful Co. She created Teleflora’s “Flowers in a Gift,” popularized POM Wonderful juices, and produced the humorous Wonderful Pistachios commercials.

Stewart Resnick oversees all and business unit operations across all divisions of The Wonderful Co. He has made substantial investments in sustainability research, advanced irrigation technologies and solar power.

Lynda Resnick’s support has led to the couple and The Wonderful Co. to invest about $45 million annually to community development efforts and education in the Central Valley and the island nation of Fiji. She also leads the Wonderful Health and Wellness initiative, which provides free primary health care and health coaches to more than 10,000 employees and family members across California’s Central Valley.

The Packer’s Produce Marketer of the Year and Marketer for All Seasons awards have been awarded since 1972 in conjunction with Fresh Summit.

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Terrific, great job by the Packer and the Resnick's.