Sicar Farms' new McAllen, Texas, distribution center. ( Courtesy Sicar Farms )

SiCar Farms has completed a distribution center in McAllen, Texas, and the facility, which can handle three times the previous South Texas capacity, uses conservation processes that SiCar is rolling out company wide.

Renewable energy use, sustainable growing practices and other conservation programs are being used by SiCar, with a goal of total sustainability at the McAllen facility, along with four others in Mexico, with solar power by 2025.

A packing facility in Veracruz, Mexico, is the first to be fully operated by solar energy, according to a news release. 

SiCar Farms uses biodegradable and recyclable materials, and is changing packaging made from corn that are durable for two to three months, reducing use of plastic, Luis Gudino, SiCar Farms CEO, said in the release.
The company specialized in limes, but also grows and ships tomatoes, tropical fruit and other produce. The McAllen facility has 28 loading doors and more than 80,000 square feet of cold storage. 

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