( Courtesy South Mill Champs )

South Mill Champs mushroom labels have a new look.

The revamped labels prominently show the Champs Mushrooms brand and recipes are included with uses for specific varieties, according to a news release.

Products with the new labels are appearing on store shelves this month. The company ships more than 100 million pounds of fresh mushrooms a year to retailers, according to the release.

"With the refreshed brand identity, we’re not only demonstrating our years of expertise in the fresh aisle, but showing that we can stay relevant too," Lewis Macleod, CEO of South Mill Champs, said in an e-mail. “Our consumers are looking for new ways to enjoy mushrooms, and we’re addressing that by giving them recipes right on the package.”

The label update — the first in more than a decade — follows strategic moves at South Mill Champs, including the launch Shrooms Snacks. The four products were released early this year, with Crispy Mushrooms, Mushroom Jerky, Splits Jerky and Snack Bars.

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