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As Generation Z joins Millennials in store aisles, how do retail strategies change?

Move over Millennials, Gen Z has a growing influence on how everybody shops and eats.
Just when retailers had gotten a pretty good handle on the habits of Millennials, the young consumers behind them are bringing their own unique attitudes to the retail produce scene.

Savvy produce marketers are already thinking about how they eat, how they buy - and how to plan for attracting them. Major industry studies in the last year have stepped in with a range of important data on Gen Z, but there are some basic cues to keep in mind.

Who are they? Generation Z refers to people roughly between the ages of 11 to 22. While the oldest are entering the job force and finishing school, their younger siblings will impact the food business in a big way in a few short years. How big? Gen Z already makes up 25% of the population – bigger than the Baby Boomer or Millennial generations. That’s some $44 billion in buying power.

Most importantly, what are their key attributes and tastes, and how do we market to them?

Health conscious: Gen Z has a very high awareness of sugars, organic products, and food origins. This bodes well for natural fresh produce sales, with an eye to expanding lines of interesting, healthy ingredients.

Used to cooking: Busy households and fast lifestyles dictate that more teens cook for themselves, making them confident in the kitchen and in the produce aisle, too. Convenient, colorful displays appeal to them even more than to their parents.

Broader horizons: This tech savvy generation is both fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Because of their native access to information, and a world full of products that were hard to find a few years ago, Gen Z is much more willing to try different types of cuisine and plant-based diets. Again, this points to Gen Z as the biggest potential produce customer ever.

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