The onion market is super hot and trading well above last year's levels in late March. With hot demand in Mexico for what is reported to be a shorter crop of whites, south Texas prices for Mexican yellow jumbos were trading at double year-ago levels and whites were several multiples higher than a year ago. Shippers say Mexico's tighter supply, combined with reduced acreage in south Texas, should set the spring onion crop with better grower returns this year.

In other news, check out a Science Daily report of a study from the University of Australia that claims colorful fruits and vegetables could help to reduce the incidence of age-related cataracts.

Have a chuckle over the story "The Weird World of Vegan YouTube Stars is Imploding" in The Daily Beast. reports of a "Sweet scheme: France uncovers massive Italian kiwi fraud,"  The gist, according to the report,  is that Italian kiwi were "Frenchified" and labeled as produce of France to fetch a higher price in the French market. Seven companies were implicated in the long-running fraud.

Another promising study claims that prescribing fruits and vegetables could save billions in health care costs. According to the Fast Company report said subsidizing fruits and vegetables could prevent deaths and slash billions from healthcare costs. What are we waiting for? 

The tomato suspension agreement web page for the U.S. International Trade Commission is here for those keeping an eye on developments in the back and forth tomato spat between the U.S. and Mexico. Check out Washington Post coverage of the issue here.

Top stories for The Packer this morning are Henry Avocado recall and the Dirty Dozen revealed story.

A year ago at this time, the top reads at The Packer were a PACA sanctions story and "China threatens tariffs on U.S. fresh fruits, nuts."