Larry Alsum celebrates Alsum Farm & Produce's 45th anniversary with his daughters Wendy Alsum-Dykstra (left) and Heidi Alsum-Randall. ( Courtesy Alsum Farms & Produce Inc. )

To celebrate its 45th year in business, Alsum Farms & Produce Inc., Friesland, Wis., hosted a get-together.

The Farm Field Days on Aug. 14-15 at Alsum Farms in Arena, Wis., featured a harvest demonstration and meals featuring the company’s roasted red potatoes, according to a news release.

Glen Alsum started the family business in 1973 in a 16-foot by 20-foot shed repacking potatoes and onions, and selling them to local grocery stores. When he died tragically in 1981, his cousin Larry Alsum became general manager and owner, according to the release, and he still runs the business.

“Our success over the past 45 years is because of a great team of Alsum employees who are dedicated to serving our customers every day,” Larry Alsum said in the release.

Now the company is a national distributor of Wisconsin potatoes (including organic) and onions, and also distributes more than 300 kinds of other fruits and vegetables to the Great Lakes region year-round. The company now has a 382,000-square-foot facility, has 200 full-time employees and grows about 2,500 acres of potatoes, according to the release.

Submitted by Rachel Leach on Tue, 08/28/2018 - 06:20

Congratulations Larry and the team for your great success!