Mario Cervantes (right), business development and sales director of Hazel Technologies, and Raul Reyes, general manager of Dominican Republic avocado exporter AMR Agro. ( Courtesy Hazel Technologies )

Shelf-life enhancement company Hazel Technologies has a new partnership with AMR Agro, a Dominican Republic green-skin avocado packer-exporter.

Hazel’s post-harvest technology involves placing a small packaging insert into boxes before they’re shipped. The inserts reduce respiration rates of fresh fruit and increase a resistance to ethylene, which ripens the fruit.

The Hazel Avocado inserts have been successfully tested, according to a news release, and AMR Agro is using the Hazel Technology products in other produce shipments to export markets, according to the release.

“Over the past decade, AMR Agro has grown to be a premier packer and exporter of agricultural products from the Dominican Republic,” Raul Reyes, general manager of AMR Agro, said in the release. “Through our dedicated partnerships and investments in new, proven technologies such as Hazel Avocado, we are able to provide higher quality fruit to our customers, increase profits, and reduce waste.”

AMR Agro was founded in 2007, and it exports from the Dominican Republic to the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Spain, Holland, France and the United Kingdom, according to the release. The company also ships mangoes, citrus and papayas.