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The California Table Grape Commission has a new health advertising campaign, telling consumers that eating “normal amounts” of grapes each day may help with long-term health.

The campaign focuses on the positive effect of grapes on heart, brain and colon health.

“Consumers have always loved grapes for their great taste, convenience, share-ability, and beauty,” California Table Grape Commission President Kathleen Nave said in a news release. “Through this campaign consumers will learn that the health benefits grapes provide go beyond the basics of eating a favorite fruit as part of a healthy diet.”

The campaign will focus on print and broadcast outlets. It revolves around a series of ads focusing on the “power of the whole fruit.” Grapes contain more than 1,600 documented natural plant compounds, such as antioxidants and other polyephenols, according to the release.

“Each ad highlights key research from scientific study in the area of heart, brain and colon health,” according to the release.

The campaign will run in magazines and newspapers in both print and online, on health-related websites, on television and radio, and on social media, according to the release.