New research has found increasing recognition of the Fairtrade America label, according to the organization. ( File Photo )

Fairtrade America found in its biennial consumer survey that 76% of shoppers would regard a brand they buy more favorably if it had a Fairtrade America label.

The organization, which polled 2,000 U.S. shoppers for its research, also found that half of consumers trust the Fairtrade label and 64% would recommend products with the label, according to a news release.

Fairtrade America also reported that preference levels for products with its label are highest for vegetables. In addition, the organization found that price is becoming a “less dominant barrier to entry.”

“Beyond taste, quality and price, food and beverage brands can increasingly differentiate themselves by appealing to consumers’ ethical concerns, including the very issues that Fairtrade America works to improve,” Bryan Lew, chief operating officer for Fairtrade America, said in the release. “This data helps us assess our impact and evolve our approach to influencing businesses to certify and shoppers to make ethical purchasing decisions. Ultimately, Fairtrade certified products help secure decent working conditions, fair prices and better terms of trade that empower small farmers in developing countries to improve their social, environmental and economic stability.”

Bananas and avocados are among produce items that some suppliers offer with the Fairtrade America label.


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Submitted by Tom on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 13:08

Where did you do the research,Portland Oregon or San Francisco Ca. It is all a matter of how you ask the question and where. Was it fair when Nike moved from Hondura's to Southeast Asia,was it fair when American retailers moved to Mexico,we all want a perfect world but with a level playing field.