Millennials Eat - Carrots!
Ashley Nickle and Amelia Freidline ( The Packer )

Staff writer Ashley Nickle and copy editor and designer Amelia Freidline discuss the produce age gap for carrots, a popular vegetable that is significantly less popular among millennials.

Fresh Trends consumer research indicates that 49% of millennials surveyed said they bought carrots at a grocery store in the last 12 months, while at least 70% of people in the older age groups did so.

This new video series aims to bridge produce age gaps by providing insight on where those gaps are, what some of the barriers to consumption might be, and how those barriers can be knocked down. You can find the introductory episode here and a conversation on radishes here.

For more on the produce age gap, check out this column by editor Greg Johnson, who examines the trend of millennials shopping at grocery stores and buying numerous produce items at noticeably lower rates than older generations.