New York Apple Sales and Red Jacket Orchards have merged marketing desks. ( File photos )

New York Apple Sales Inc., Glenmont, N.Y., and Red Jacket Orchards, Geneva, N.Y., are joining their fresh marketing programs this season to provide more opportunities to customers.

The multi-generational businesses have different strengths, according to a news release. Red Jacket has built a brand in the fresh apple and juice categories and New York Apple Sales has national and international fresh apple accounts.

“Bringing our two sales forces together to better serve the apple and juice markets only makes sense,” Mark Nicholson, fresh business president and co-owner of Red Jacket, in a news release. “Presently, we are serving customers at the same time with either fresh apples or fresh juice, and with today’s increasing pressure on trucking logistics combining our orders will greatly benefit both of our customers.”

Nicholson said Red Jacket’s sales staff will manage juice sales and New York Apple Sales will focus on fresh. New York Apple Sales’ larger distribution network will benefit both companies, according to the release.

Logistics is another issue, said Mike Messler, New York Apple Sales production and logistics manager. With new federal trucking regulations, the cost of trucking is increasing as the availability of trucks is dropping.

“Any consolidation of orders will benefit us all,” Messler said in the release.

After evaluating options, Red Jacket’s Nicholson and his brother Brian Nicholson, CEO and co-owner, decided to cease fresh apple packing in Geneva and move that to Pomona Packing in Wolcott, N.Y., which is partnered with New York Apple Sales.

Kelli Foster manages branding at Red Jacket , and Jim Allen, vice president of marketing, does the same at New York Apple Sales.

“There’s a wonderful strategic advantage when you can combine an operational powerhouse like NYAS, and a trusted brand of the community like Red Jacket,” Foster said in the release.