At 16.2 grams, the Ozblu berry was 3.51 grams heavier than the previous Guinness World Record blueberry,, which was also the Ozblu variety. ( Courtesy Guinness World Records )

Let’s get the obligatory pun out of the way: This blueberry is berry, berry big.

The Ozblu blueberry variety has again set a Guinness World Record as the heaviest, breaking a record for an Ozblu berry 2 ½ years ago.

The 16.2-gram (0.57-ounce) berry breaks the previous record of 12.39 grams, according to a news release, and was grown by Dave and Leasa Mazzardis, founder of Natures Select breeding program in Wibinga, Australia.

The Mazzardis work to produce low-chill evergreen blueberry genetics that are viable for growers and offer consumers juicier, crunchier and tastier berries, according to the release.

“While larger blueberries are a result of this natural selection process, and although some markets do prefer ‘jumbo’ size berries, our focus amongst other agronomical traits remains delivering a consistent and quality eating experience to the consumer,” Dave Mazzardis said in the release.

The record was officially recorded by the Guinness organization on Sept. 20.

At 36.3 millimeters, the record-setting berry is more than twice the diameter of the average 18 millimeters of an average Ozblu.

Berry size is not the most important attribute, said Roger Horak, founder of United Exports, which licenses the Ozblu variety.

“We are intent on growing the best blueberries on the market and this means that taste, crunch and flavor are our priorities,” he said in the release. “Dave and Leasa just happen to grow record-sized fruit too.”

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Submitted by jz on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 19:19

Thank you, Australia! This has caught on and it feels like I'm finally living in The Future with better fruit than I can even grow myself. These guys are crazy crisp and juicy