Square Roots is looking for 10 farmers-in-training. ( Courtesy of Square Roots )

Square Roots is looking for 10 passionate and dedicated future farmers to join the team as it launches in September the first season of its Next-Gen Farmer Training Program at the Grand Rapids, Mich., farm campus at Gordon Food Service headquarters.

No farming experience is necessary, just the dedication and excitement to jump in and start learning, according to a news release.

Square Roots is an urban farming company with a mission to bring local food to people in cities around the world with next-gen leaders in urban farming. The training program provides an accessible pathway to the forefront of urban agriculture for more young farmers.

In March, Square Roots announced a partnership with Gordon Food Service to bring its farms and training program to their distribution centers across the continent, according to the release.

During the year-long program, similar to traditional farmer apprenticeships, farmers learn skills through curriculum focused on plant science, controlled environment agriculture, business and leadership, as well as hands-on learning by doing the tasks. 

After initial training in the modular, hydroponic growing systems, farmers are responsible for growing quality food on a consistent basis to meet customer demand, with the guidance of an expert farm management team. Farmers are also integral to customer-focused marketing and community events.

For more information, visit www.squarerootsgrow.com/program.