Apeel Sciences CEO James Rogers and Nature’s Price chief commercial officer Adriëlle Dankier show off some avocados. ( Photo courtesy Apeel Sciences )

BERLIN — James Rogers, founder and CEO of Apeel Sciences, says the firm’s newly announced partnership with European avocado marketer Nature’s Pride hit all the right notes at Fruit Logistica.

“We just announced a formal partnership with Nature’s Pride to bring Apeel avocados and other fruits and vegetables into Europe for the first time,” he said Feb. 8 at Fruit Logistica. 

“It’s been a phenomenal reception and it’s been a really productive show for us,” he said.

The partnership is aimed at reducing food waste through Apeel’s plant-derived food waste prevention technology. In the U.S., it has demonstrated a greater than 50% waste reduction at retail, according to a news release.

Rogers took time after Fruit Logistica to visit several facilities of Nature’s Pride in northern Europe.

“(Nature’s Pride) client base resonates really strongly with the brand that we’re trying to build,” Rogers said, noting the importer’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the food supply in northern Europe.

Given the geographic breadth of Europe and the scarcity of avocado production, Rogers said nearly all avocados com from great distances from producing regions in Chile, Peru, South Africa and Mexico.

“(The fruit) is arriving here and you’ve got a really kind of short window to play with them,” Rogers said. 

“So you’ve got to have high quality and try to solve the food loss food waste issue, which everyone understands really, really well here. The (Apeel) solution couldn’t be better positioned to kind of address both of these issues.”

Nature’s Pride, based in the Netherlands, supplies avocados and mangoes to Europe. The company’s plans for using Apeel’s technology are subject to European Union approval. Pilots are expected to start in mid-2019 in select European retail stores, according to a news release.