Green onions packed in StePac Xtend film. ( Courtesy Ste-Pac )

Packaging company StePac, Tefen, Israel, has changed its Xtend films so they’re compatible with automated bulk and retail packing lines.

Demand for functional packaging suited for automation prompted the change to the Modified Atmosphere/Modified Humidity (MA/MH) films, according to a news release. With consumer and retail interest in extending shelf life, cutting food waste and reducing plastic, Xtend’s “purposeful” plastic packaging solutions help achieve those goals, according to the release.

“When analyzing the carbon footprint of produce shipped in StePac’s packaging — especially when shipped by sea versus conventional air freight — we see that the packaging has a ‘climate-positive’ effect; that is, the carbon emission savings resulting from its use exceeds the carbon emissions of the packaging,” Gary Ward, technical development manager for StePac.

StePac’s Xflow bulk flowpack film can help companies cut plastic use by up to 40%, and still retain shelf life extending properties for fresh produce.

The Xflow films are gaining use in the U.S. for packing vegetables for foodservice customers, according to the release.

StePac will be exhibiting Xtend packaging and other products at the Fruit Logistica expo in Hall 26, at booth F-12, Feb. 6-8 in Berlin.