( Courtesy T&G Global )

Hoping to bring the same excitement to the grape category as it did to apples with Jazz and Envy, T&G Global is moving into grapes with its Orchard Rd brand.

The New Zealand company is launching the brand in Southeast Asia, and has been working with growers in the U.S., Peru, Chile and Australia in preparation to providing a year-round grape program. The company has been trading under various brand names in several markets, T&G Global CEO Gareth Edgecombe said in a news release.

“We will leverage our global T&G sales network, utilize the relationships we have built up via our premium apple business, enhance our quality-control processes in farm and in-market, optimize the worldwide supply chain and invest in marketing, all to differentiate ourselves in the crowded grape marketplace,” Edgecombe said in the release.

The company is partnering with four California growers, along with others in South America and Australia to supply retailers in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Korea, Japan and soon, China, according to the release.

The company has an in-market sales team in China and has opened an office in Vietnam, with more Asian offices planned, according to the news release. Branded point-of-sale materials, packaging and sampling programs are features of the Orchard Rd marketing in different markets, according to the release.

The Orchard Rd brand started in 2018 for grapes, berries and kiwifruit in Australia.

T&G Global has plans to grow the premium branded grape sales substantially, according to Edgecombe in the release.

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