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Where do consumers place their trust?

Is it in corporations, commodities, or consumer groups?

Is it in brands? Is the decision to trust intuition, a sixth sense? Is it based on where a person sits on the spectrum of political beliefs?

Let us agree on this: not everyone trusts in food. Sometimes the reasons for that mistrust and skepticism seem head-scratching to those of us who have no qualms about “conventional” food.

We have a pop-up poll associated with our story about the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists published by the Environmental Working Group. Let me share some recent response from that survey, which nabs shoppers searching for “Dirty Dozen” on Google.

Does the Dirty Dozen list influence how you shop?

  • They are not accurate on some of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. Most are hybrid. I wouldn’t follow this list;
  • Yes;
  • Yes, if an item is on the list, I will either select an organic option or go without. If the industry is so worried about this list, perhaps cleaning up the chemicals applied would go a long way in easing “anxiety” of purchasing produce;
  • Absolutely;
  • Absolutely! I cringe to hear ANYONE is eating conventional strawberries!

What is your level of trust in the safety of fresh produce?

  • It’s too shakey!
  • Not high for pesticides on fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Unless I know the grower and trust their organic methods, very low. Polluted water can contaminate the best plans;
  •  Not very;
  •  Not great; who knows what happens behind the scenes.

Tell us why...

  • told you that you have hybrid mixed with mother nature’s foods.
  •  Usually buy organic for taste and quality
  • It’s hard to believe that a stock boy always cares as much as we do about safety.

What produce brand do you trust the most?

  • Wild crafted from Mother nature.
  • Not relevant unless organic
  • local farm markets. I avoid major brands unless organic.
  • I don’t follow brands, just organic

Where do you shop for most of your fruits and vegetables?

  • Where I can get living foods.
  • Mix of supermarkets and local food coop
  • health food store or superstore
  • farm markets.
  • Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

What is one thing a produce brand could do earn your trust?

  • Not use pesticides
  • non GMO no sprays

TK: As you can see from some of the above answers, beliefs about food are part and parcel of a particular world view and may be impossible to change. There is a small slice of consumers — exactly how big we know not — that won’t be moved. They will find their farmers markets and “wild-crafted” produce. Earning the trust of all the rest of consumers must be the goal, whether those shoppers buy organic or “conventional” fruits and vegetables.