( Photo courtesy Elizabeth Explores; source Unsplash )

Consumers continue to look for organic strawberries; in fact, marketers moved 6.2 million pounds more organic berries in 2018 than in 2017, according to data from IRI/FreshLook Marketing. More than one-tenth of sales of the fruit came from organic sales in 2018, even though the average retail price of organic strawberries fell 17 cents during that 12-month period.


Periodic purchases of organic strawberries did not vary much when studying income; age played a bigger factor. Shoppers younger than age 40 were twice as likely to always buy organic strawberries as those age 50-58, and the gap doubled again for those age 59 and older.


When considering region, Western shoppers were the most likely to buy organic strawberries at least some of the time, followed by those in the Northeast—a trend that continues from last year.


Asian consumers comprised the most likely group to buy organic strawberries periodically, followed by Hispanic consumers. Asians were also the most likely to buy strawberries as exclusively organic.  

Families with children living at home were a bit more likely to always buy organic berries, at 11%, than those without kids, at 8%.  

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