( Courtesy California Giant Berry Farms )

California Giant Berry Farms, Watsonville, Calif., is blockchain compliant with the IBM Food Trust, allowing all points of the company’s berry supply chain to access data.

The company is using Glasschain software, according to a news release, which is an “all-encompassing event database” linking California Giant and its customers ERP software, with information on harvest location/time and shipping throughout the supply chain.

“This will allow Cal Giant and our partners to streamline and identify opportunities for improvement around operational efficiencies with a focus on freshness,” Thomas Taggart, senior director of operations, said in the release.

Companies in the supply chain now have updated information for tracking and food safety, with the ability to streamline and identify opportunities for improvement, with a focus on freshness.

“What Cal Giant has done is unique and continues to show industry leadership within their segment,” Peter Townsend, chief operating officer of Glassbit LLC, said in the release. “It’s exciting to see more produce companies and retailers coming on board.”

Walmart welcomed the berry company’s adoption of blockchain technology.

“From leafy greens to bell peppers, Walmart has been digitizing its food supply chain using blockchain,” Tejas Bhatt, senior director of global food safety innovation for Walmart, said in the release. “This enables us to track food from farm to store and helps ensure it is fresh and safe when our customers buy it.”

The IBM Food Trust blockchain compliance is one of California Giant’s innovative initiatives through the Farming the Future plan.

“As more companies become compliant, it will be exciting to see the overall improvements that will collectively be made around our food supply chain,” California Giant President Joe Barsi said in the release.

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