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The United Fresh Produce Association has named 48 new products as finalists in its 2019 Innovation Awards.

The winners in seven categories will be announced at the association’s annual trade show June 10-12 in Chicago. Attendees will be able to vote on the awards during the expo hours.

The finalists are:

Best New Food Safety Solution:
RSM US LLP — CLEARthru, booth No. 18017;
ColumbusFood ERP — Columbus, booth No. 5019;
Food Freshness Card for Packaging — Food Freshness Card, Booth No. 15049;
GO Real-Time Flex Tracker — Emerson Cargo Solutions, booth No. 14024; and 
Logmore dynamic QR — Logmore Ltd., booth No. 18045.

Best New Fruit Product:
Arctic Grannys ApBitz Snacks — Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., booth No. 11029;
Golden Crush Melon — Frontera Produce, booth No. 13046;
Honeydude Melon — Sol Group Marketing, booth No. 10045;
Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Pomegranate Arils — BrandStorm Inc., booth No. 5044;
NatureSweet Comets — NatureSweet Ltd., booth No. 4027; 
Peeled, Diced or Sliced Pears — Crunch Pak, booth No. 6040; 
Wow Berries — Mastronardi Produce Ltd., booth No. 10040

Best New Packaging: 
100% Backyard Compostable Packaging — Mastronardi Produce Ltd., booth No. 10040; 
Brighthouse Organics Tomato Medley (8-ounce) — NatureSweet Ltd., booth No. 4027;
Film-sealed Fruit Cups — Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc., booth No. 2000; 
Fox Stand-Up Combo Bag — Fox Packaging, booth No. 6012;
Giro "Easy Open" Bag — Giro Pack Inc., booth No. 10022;    
LivingCube Living Lettuce — Del Fresco Produce Ltd., booth No. 12027; 
Mix & Match — Limoneira Co., booth No. 10030; 
Peel and Reseal Compostable Packaging — Naturipe Farms LLC, booth No. 6036; 
PlatBioWrap — The Platinum Packaging Group, booth No. 10019; 
Schur's ZIP POP — Schur Star Systems Inc., booth No. 4021; and
Simple Snack — Mucci Farms, booth No. 9024; 

Best New Packing/Processing Equipment:
Multivac R535 with Integrated Yamato Combination Weigher & Depositor — Multivac Inc., booth No. 6033;
Pouch Bagger — Fox Solutions, booth No. 6012; 
Strawberry cap removal system /de-caylx /de-stemming machine — Atlas Pacific Engineering, booth No. 14011; and
Vortex 150 — Turatti North America, booth No. 18009; 

Best New Vegetable Product:
Apeel Asparagus — Apeel Sciences, booth No. 12031;
BrightFarms Happy Beet — BrightFarms, booth No. 6005; 
Cece's Veggie Co. Organic Butternut Shells & Cheese — Cece’s Veggie Co., booth No. 10015;
Dole Bountiful Kits — Dole Food Co., booth No. 8000; 
Garden Highway Chef Essentials Fresh Slaws — Renaissance Food Group, booth No. 8040;
LivingCube Microgreens: Basil — Del Fresco Produce Ltd., booth No. 12027;
Nourish Bowls Breakfast — Mann Packing, booth No. 2000;
Plant Based Dips — Good Foods Group, booth No. 6029;
Raw Wraps Kale Tacos — Green Leaf Foods, booth No. 3044; 
Ready Pac Foods Fresh Picked Protein Snacks — Bonduelle Fresh Americas, booth No. 12006; 
Southwestern Tortilla Vegetable Meal Bowl/Korean BBQ Vegetable Meal Bowl — Growers Express, booth No. 5015;
Sugarboms — Mastronardi Produce Ltd., booth No. 10040; 
Sweetpops Tomatoes — Red Sun Farms, booth No. 10011; and
Taylor Farms Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad Kit — Taylor Farms Inc., booth No. 4031; 

Best New Field Technology:
Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) — Stemilt Growers LLC, booth No. 6015; 
Produce Plan — Frontera Produce, booth No. 13046;
RipeTime — RipeTime, booth No. 18045; and
SC iOn Trak SC1204 — CalAmp, booth No. 18025.

Best New Indoor Growing Technology
Hoogendoorn Analytics — Hoogendoorn America Inc., booth No. 18045; 
LivingCube — Del Fresco Produce Ltd., booth No. 12027; and
Virgo — Root AI, booth No. 9028.
 For a full desc and photo of the new products and services, visit the United Fresh website.

“The fresh produce community is constantly adopting new strategies for growth at an innovative pace,” Tom Stenzel, United Fresh president and CEO, said in the release. “From new varieties, packaging and merchandising solutions, to advancements in automation, growing technologies and more, these awards shine a spotlight on the products and solutions that are driving the industry forward.”

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